Registration closed online


Registration closed online

The discrepancies in the online registration of newcomers finally came to an end on Tuesday. Even though the offline option for newcomers was discontinued, online registration was found to start till Monday. On the one hand, while the entire registration process for the newcomers was required to be completed by September 7, the option of online was not open. On Tuesday morning, however, the registrations were closed after the morning of the registration. In this regard, the Maharashtra Times had published the news that ‘voter turnout started’ in the September 9 issue.

In Mumbai, for some days there was a lot of confusion among the newcomers due to conflicting roles in the registration. Those who went offline for registration at different centers were sent back saying that the process was closed. As the online registration is underway at the Election Commission’s National Voters Service Portal (NVSP), the exact debate about the exact rules is underway. As the registration process was started with the help of online, the confusion among voters who wanted to register was constant. However, when it was checked online on Tuesday, the process was closed.

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